Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Nick Cannon’s Rendezvous With a Stunning Diva and a Super-Cool Star!

Being the host of a reality talent hunt show like America’s Got Talent, I don’t think Nick Cannon would have much trouble in getting himself a diva for a date!

And as far as hanging out with top-notch stars is concerned, it’s for sure that he is aware of the goodies that a camaraderie with industry honchos brings.

Having said all these things, I must reveal that currently Nick is seeing an altogether new breed of celebrities. Do you want me reveal their names? Just read on.

The latest newsmakers are Morrocan and Monroe!

Do you have any idea who are they?

Well guys, you don’t need to think much, because Morrocan and Monroe are the incredible twins Nick Cannon has with his singer wife Mariah Carey.

You must be pondering over how these kids achieved a celebrity status. Well, it’s all because of their father!

Actually their father gave them this status. According to Nick, his daughter Monroe is a mirror image of her mother, while son Morrocan has the traits as well as looks of Nick himself! It really sounds cool when a father admires his toddlers so much.

The swashbuckling presenter revealed that responsibilities would increase, as the twins grow up.

So daddy Nick would be very busy, at least for the next couple of years. Hoping to figure out a tinge of that, while we watch America’s Got Talent episodes!

Season 6 of the talent hunt show is already on its way, with Nick Cannon cheering up new contestants in every episode. Unbelievable surge in searches for America’s Got Talent online, is a testament of craze for its contestants as well as dynamic host, Nick.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sharon Osbourne is Here - Buckle Up Contestants or It Would Be Too Late!

She can sense the amount of pressure and expectations, when a performer makes it to the stage to showcase his or her talents. She has the ability to open her heart out for any contestant who could zing up the audience. At the same time, she has the attitude to write off any contestant who fails to deliver. 
And she is none other than the very adorable, very charming - Sharon Osbourne! Yes! I’m talking about the diva of British TV, and one of the three judges of America’s Got Talent.
In a recent interview, she revealed various aspects of judging the contestants. Referring to her appearance as a judge, Sharon admitted that she has been a bit strict this time. She gives a reason for her attitude, saying that she wants everyone to take things seriously, so that only the best get to the next level.
Well, it means that the selected contestants for America’s Got Talent season 6 would have their jobs cut out. And if they miss out on a single beat, they would have to face Sharon’s wrath.
This, however, doesn’t imply that this multi-faceted lady is a brute! The 58-year-old icon has a softer side too, and revealed that giving a verdict on a teenager’s performance moves her to an extent that she often ponders over what she would have done if the contestant was her own kid.
I guess we would see lot of emotion flowing on in the soon-to-be-aired America’s Got Talent episodes!
After the Seattle auditions, the craze for the reality show is on cloud nine, and the ways of going for America’s Got Talent download is the buzz of the town.
In addition to some electrifying competition among the contestants, fans are also looking forward for judges’ verdict, especially of Sharon, as she is in a serious avatar this time.